2012 in random pictures

I wish I had more pictures from Christmas with my parents and sister. I have one picture of my sister sleeping on the couch that Michael took. I don't think she would appreciate me putting that up here.
I will say it was special. How happy Blake was when my mom and dad pulled into the driveway. The whirlwind of presents. A really delicious dinner. Very relaxing.

And now here we are... New Years Eve 2012.

This year flew by. Time really goes by twice as fast with kids.
A quick recap of 2012....

This actually was not quick at all.
But it was good to go through all my pictures from the past year.
Lots of memories.


It was a great year. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.
It's NYE at 10:49 and I am still thinking of my resolutions.

Happy New Year!!!!


Our Christmas morning

I watched the video of Christmas morning today.
It was so funny.
Blake was so excited that Santa came and for the set of swords waiting for him.
Logan was completely uninterested until he figured out what was actually going on.
They were so happy and grateful for everything.
I didn't take a ton of pictures. The video camera was going, and I just wanted to enjoy the boys.



Ninja swords and a surprise mask we didn't know was in the package.
I can't decide if I find it offensive or not, lol.

Logan's favorite gift from Santa...Choo Choo Mickey

Boy loves Mickey.
Blake looks like a different kid in this picture.
Here he is playing his DS with Dad.

More Mickey Choo Choo

Then we had friends over for breakfast.

Waiting for his friends.
I kind of have a pig face in this picture, but its the only one of me from Christmas...

The boys.

The girls.

Crazy hair LoLo

At least one family took a picture in front of our tree.

A Christmas with Pop, Mema and Aunt Laura tomorrow.
Maybe a video, if I can figure it out :)


Christmas #1

Christmas this year was perfect.
We started Sunday with our first Christmas with Michael's mom, dad, and Gramma Gloria.
It is hard not living in the same town as either of our parents, but, I think we have found ways to make it work....

Waiting for GeGe and Poppy 

 Power Wheels!!!!

Blake trying out his new ice skates

LoLo in his hat from Gramma Gloria and one of his favorites
 Rock n Roll Mickey  
GeGe and Blakey playing Memory

The rest of our Christmas tomorrow.


Special delivery.

Blake really wanted to bring cookies to the neighbors this year. So last Friday we packed a few bags up and set out to to deliver....



Yesterday's post was heavy.
I still get nervous sending Blake to pre-school.
But I think this is something all parents are going through right now.

I haven't been getting my camera out and taking pictures out as much as I should lately.
Phones are so much easier.
Here are some Instagrams...

 Grammy Behan's village.
 Christmas LoLo.
 After busy nap free days he has been falling asleep on the living room floor.
I sneak pictures.
Elf on The Shelf is huge here this year.
Sleeping boy.

Christmas jams & bro hugs.

 I take one good picture and I post it everywhere.
Jeff. Jeff. Jeff.

 Christmas surprises in the mail from Aunt Laura.
All wrapped and ready.