2012 in random pictures

I wish I had more pictures from Christmas with my parents and sister. I have one picture of my sister sleeping on the couch that Michael took. I don't think she would appreciate me putting that up here.
I will say it was special. How happy Blake was when my mom and dad pulled into the driveway. The whirlwind of presents. A really delicious dinner. Very relaxing.

And now here we are... New Years Eve 2012.

This year flew by. Time really goes by twice as fast with kids.
A quick recap of 2012....

This actually was not quick at all.
But it was good to go through all my pictures from the past year.
Lots of memories.


It was a great year. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.
It's NYE at 10:49 and I am still thinking of my resolutions.

Happy New Year!!!!

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