Yesterday's post was heavy.
I still get nervous sending Blake to pre-school.
But I think this is something all parents are going through right now.

I haven't been getting my camera out and taking pictures out as much as I should lately.
Phones are so much easier.
Here are some Instagrams...

 Grammy Behan's village.
 Christmas LoLo.
 After busy nap free days he has been falling asleep on the living room floor.
I sneak pictures.
Elf on The Shelf is huge here this year.
Sleeping boy.

Christmas jams & bro hugs.

 I take one good picture and I post it everywhere.
Jeff. Jeff. Jeff.

 Christmas surprises in the mail from Aunt Laura.
All wrapped and ready.

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  1. you look amazing!

    the pictures of the boys hugging is so adorable.

    ahhh, what would we do without Instagram?