being 39 weeks pregnant is for the birds.

i'm over it.
so done being pregnant.

anyone i talk to on a semi regular basis knows i was really ready to be done being pregnant about 3 weeks ago. but now that i know he could come any day and be just fine... I am getting restless and irritable and my back hurts all the time.
remember about 8 months ago when i said i wasn't going to gain a bunch of weight? welllll i am a liar. eating makes me happy. so i eat. anything and everything. mostly everything. my ass is twice as wide as it was 39 weeks ago. i have line marks on my ankles when i take off my socks.
whatever. he will be here soon and then i will worry about getting it all off.

more than all that miserableness, i just want to meet him. i want to hold him and smell him. the other day it hit me that he is an actual person in there. my actual thought was, this baby already has a face. he already looks like something. he has fingernails and eyelashes and will be rocking in the swing in the corner of our living room any day now.

and we will have visitors! grandmas and grandpas and aunts and sisters and friends. im ready to show him off to all of them. i don't even know what he will look like but surely he will be swoon worthy.

the big brothers? they are ready too. i think. i try to ask blake if he is excited or nervous or worried about anything when it comes to having another brother... he usually looks at me like i have two heads and asks for his ds. i'm not overly concerned anymore. probably because i just want him here already.

we shall see. 
any day now.
tomorrow would be good though.


  1. I can only imagine how ready you are! So soon!

  2. I am sure you are ready! Hope the new guy makes his debut soon!