January 3rd = Resolution Day

It's January 2nd, I am still in my pajamas, I am pretty sure if you could overdose on cupcakes I would be in the hospital right now, and my living room floor looks like a toy box vomited all over it.

I spent my New Years Eve eating McDonald's with B and Lo, watching Boomerang, and, once the kids were asleep I started a 2012 recap blog post that took me three hours. Yesterday, I spent my morning making the devil's dessert (vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles), cutting up a bunch of fruits and veggies for a New Years day party we hosted and then spending two hours of alone time at my personal Disney World... Target.

--- Side bar, there is really nothing better than going to Target with a $100 gift card, on New Years day, when everything is on sale, and a promise to yourself that said gift card will only be spent on things YOU want. I walked out with a sweater, shirt, new watch, new dip bowls, hair dye, eyelashes, and new slippers. End side bar.---
We had a New Years Day get together here, which was a really nice way to ring in 2013. Meeting new friends, shoveling all sorts of delicious food down my throat (seriously, I was unstoppable), watching the kids play together nicely with limited time outs, and sending kids and dad's downstairs together, for pretty much uninterrupted conversations.

So, now it is January 2nd and I have been thinking the past two days of what I want 2013 to look like. What I want to focus on, so at the end of this year I can look back and be happy with the end result.
1. More music. It makes me happy. All kinds.
2. Keep up with me. I am a big believer in the mantra when you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you do good. Sometimes I get tired and lazy. A lot of the time I throw a zip up and yoga pants on and call it an outfit. I don't paint my nails or whiten my teeth or brish my hair (seriously). These are all things that make me happy. It isn't going to be easy the next few months with my very pregnant and post baby body, but, I can do it. If I see something I like and that will make me happy, I will just buy it and wear it or do it, instead of wondering if it 'is me', or if other people will like it. 
3. Take more pictures. Of everything.
First day of the year and I already failed at this one. New Years day party and I didn't even pull the camera out of the case. It would be nice to learn more about my camera and take sleeker pictures, but taking more pictures in full auto mode will be just fine.
More pictures, more saved memories. Everyone loves pictures.
4. Stop sweating the small stuff. Take more deep breaths. Pick my battles. Figure out a better plan for discipline. Enjoy my kids more. Ask myself when I'm annoyed with Michael if it even matters.
Essentially, continue working on being a better wife, mother, person.
5. More fun. More travel. More visitors. More getting out and doing things.
Get out of the house more.
6. Pay down debt.
   wah -wahhh
(This sucks - No picture here)
7. Reconnect with old friends/ Be a better friend in general
Some friendships come to an end and both people are okay with it. You look back and kind of ask yourself how the friendship lasted as long as it did, you see how different you both are and you move on. Then there are the friendships you look back on and think, I miss them, how did this happen?
Those are the ones I will be working on.
That's it for now. It's a growing list, a working list.  
I am pretty sure those 7 things will keep me pretty busy.

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