our first nye together... look at my hair. i want that again.

ever since michael and i got together, i have never really been a fan of new years eve.
it could be because our first new years eve was a huge freaking mess... maybe.
i know nye is supposed to mean starting new. a fresh start. but besides my few resolutions,
i didn't really feel that we, well I, needed a fresh start this year. so january was a lot more of the same.

january wasn't bad. not bad at all.
february is gonna be even better.
adding another porter any day now.
not as miserable as i was a few days ago.
i also weighed myself... i decided to start caring a little early.

january via instagram:

i also got the vine app. find me at ashley porter (so original)
so fun and funny.
check out my first video here.
its not on repeat which makes it a little less funny.
b singing all the single ladies before we told him what the real words were:

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