what i learned this week

wouldn't it be great if every friday i shared what i learned that week?
i can share if i want, right?

1. i learned how to contour my face so it won't look so fat. being 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant will make anyones face look a little "round". it's so easy, takes 2 minutes, and it really works. i asked michael if my face looked thinner and he said 'yeah, it really does!'. i'm not 100% sure if he even looked up from his ipad, but i was satisfied with his answer. here's the video for my round faced friends:

2.i learned of became obsessed with the tv show once upon a time. it is so good. i loved ginnifer goodwin in big love on hbo, and after watching an entire season on netflix (22 one hour episodes) in one week, i love her even more.

3. i learned i am still 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. same as last week.. i had an ultrasound two weeks ago and baby was measuring 6 lbs 7ounces. babies gain an average of 6 ounces a week and so at this rate he is more than big enough for his debut. i will be bouncing on an exercise ball for the next four hours.
**side note**
through the affordable care act health insurance plans have to cover the full cost of breast pumps.
all i had to do to get mine was call my insurance company, give them my id #,and tell them if i wanted electric or manual (who would pick manual?)
then a week later it was delivered right to my door. a good one too. an ameda.
oh hey baby h!
4. i learned i need a bigger jacket.
5. i learned you don't appreciate how thin you are until you... well... aren't.


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