big brothers meet baby. a love story... kinda

i would like to start by saying that there is not enough coffee in the world this morning.
good god last night was a long one.
after hunter was born we were moved to our recovery room where michael and i took a few seconds to reflect on what had just happened and got ready to introduce new baby to his big brothers.

day one:
blake wanted to hold the baby right away.
logan didn't even look at him, or me for that matter, which was a little heart breaking
but also what i kind of expected he would do.
he had french fries though... so he was happy enough.
they didn't stay long, but after the day i had i really wanted to see my guys.
then they left us and went to ground round

day 2:

day 3 
(felt like i was at the hospital forever):

when i was pregnant for logan i was so worried about how blake was going to handle this huge change. he had only turned two years old four days before logan was born and his whole world was about to get rocked by this newborn baby. it was a huge stress that i put on myself, and in the end for the most part it was all for nothing. that didn't/hasn't stopped me from worrying about how the boys would deal with this third addition.
it has been an adjustment for all of us, but i think so far we are doing a great job of making it work. we are slowly getting used to our new normal.



hunter ash ~ a birth story

warning... this is gonna be a long one.

its been 10 days since hunter was born, and in between diaper changes and feedings and naps, and more feedings and changings, I have reminded myself a million times that I needed to write about his crazy, scary entrance into this world.

because i was 5 days overdue and honestly, just done being pregnant, I scheduled an induction for monday february 11th. i was to call the hospital monday morning at 630 and make sure that they had room for a scheduled induction. when i called we were given the green light, kissed the boys (who stayed home with my mom and dad) goodbye and headed out the door by 645.

i remember on the ride to the hospital thinking, 'none of these people driving to work or wherever they are going, know that i am going to have a baby today'. and now that i look back to that car ride, i couldn't have imagined how things were going to happen either... because i was induced for logan, and both my other deliveries were pretty standard, I wasn't concerned about this one being any different. iv, pitocin, contractions, epidural, break water, wait, deliver baby... cake.

we arrived at the hospital at 700 and i met my nurse cami, who took such good care of me. looking back i realize now how important it is to have a good nurse who genuinely cares about taking the best care of you and your baby. everyone at the hospital was wonderful, from the beginning of our stay until the end.

at about 715 we were shown to our room, i changed into my gown and was hooked up to an iv. i hate iv's. when i had blake, a student nurse attempted to insert my iv and completely butchered my arm, like huge dark purple bruise on the inside of my forearm, only to not be able to get the iv in at all, and have a doctor do it. there were some issues that morning with the iv being inserted in my arm, but they eventually were able to get it in and that is when everything, to me anyway, started to go down hill. at 715. i had a vagal response to the iv. I started to sweat and my blood pressure went up and i thought i was going to throw up. i asked cami if she could hear the baby's heart beat because it sounded really faint to me. she had me push on what i assume was his heart monitor and i could hear it a little better but not loud like i remembered for b and lo.

then everything happened really fast. one of my doctor's came in to check on us. she had me lay on my left side then turn to the right and back and forth a bunch of times. then they broke my water to help get things going. then another doctor came in and i went back and forth and back and forth again, then onto my hands and knees. i kept asking what was going and if everything was okay.
i was told the baby's heart rate was consistently dropping and that "they were not going to lie to me, it was concerning". then i had an oxygen mask on and it felt like the room was filled with doctors and nurses. they put one of those hair nets on me and told me i had to have an emergency c-section.
i was crying a lot. i told one of the doctor's that it was all my fault because i chose to be induced and the baby wasn't ready yet.

they rushed me out of the room that i was supposed to have my easy delivery in. where i was supposed to push a few times and have a baby on my belly, where michael was supposed to cut the umbilical cord, and put on his first diaper, where we would call our parents and tell them that the baby was here, and to bring the big brothers over. instead, i was rushed into an operating room where i barely had a chance to even wave goodbye to michael, where they left him in the would have been delivery room all alone. they told me he couldn't come in because i was going to have to be put under general anesthesia. i met the anaesthesiologist. i kept asking cami to make sure nothing bad happened. i thought about my boys home.
and then i was put under.
and he was here.
and it was 817.


Hunter Ash Porter
9 lbs 4 1/2 oz
21 1/4 inches
michael was with him as soon as he was wheeled out of the operating room. he still got to put on his first diaper and be with him from the beginning.
i didn't see hunter until around 10:45. i was pumped full of morphine after the c-section and was really sleepy. i remember someone telling me he was 9+lbs. i remember one of the nurses who was taking care of me telling me that it was okay if i was mad or upset at the way his delivery went, not that it was anyone's fault, but because things happened the way they did. i kind of remember telling the nurses that i wasn't ready to see the baby or michael yet because i was in to much pain.
and then i remember michael rolling this giant baby into the should have been delivery room where i was recovering.
and then i met him.
no one is really sure what happened that morning. they think maybe the placenta ruptured, but that usually means there is a lot of blood and i wasn't bleeding at all. i never was induced, so there was never any reason to think that was where the trouble started. basically michael, hunter and i were lucky to have been at the hospital at 7am that monday morning, and if we weren't the outcome could have been much different. we were told that by almost all the nurses and doctors that took care of us that morning.
we feel so lucky that everything turned out the way that it did. he has been such a good baby so far. really only crying when he's hungry or needs a new diaper. breast feeding is going very well. he is pretty much grown out of all his newborn clothes. he is in size one diapers.
he makes us all so happy.