big brothers meet baby. a love story... kinda

i would like to start by saying that there is not enough coffee in the world this morning.
good god last night was a long one.
after hunter was born we were moved to our recovery room where michael and i took a few seconds to reflect on what had just happened and got ready to introduce new baby to his big brothers.

day one:
blake wanted to hold the baby right away.
logan didn't even look at him, or me for that matter, which was a little heart breaking
but also what i kind of expected he would do.
he had french fries though... so he was happy enough.
they didn't stay long, but after the day i had i really wanted to see my guys.
then they left us and went to ground round

day 2:

day 3 
(felt like i was at the hospital forever):

when i was pregnant for logan i was so worried about how blake was going to handle this huge change. he had only turned two years old four days before logan was born and his whole world was about to get rocked by this newborn baby. it was a huge stress that i put on myself, and in the end for the most part it was all for nothing. that didn't/hasn't stopped me from worrying about how the boys would deal with this third addition.
it has been an adjustment for all of us, but i think so far we are doing a great job of making it work. we are slowly getting used to our new normal.



  1. This is adorable! You have such a beautiful family! I'm glad to read everyone is adjusting well :)