baby weight... first check in

i'm just gonna throw it out there.
i gained 60 lbs this pregnancy.
remember when i said i wasn't going to do that?
well i am a filthy liar.

good news?
so far i have lost 27 lbs.
bad news?
i still have to lose 33 lbs.
i am not beating myself up about it.
but it still sucks. and it is totally my fault.
i mean it was an almost 10 lb baby, not an almost 40 lb baby.

i will worry about it more soon. i mean it hasn't even been a month.
for now though i'll just enjoy these guys.
(when they aren't driving me crazy that is... serious cabin fever going on in these parts)

ps. back to my old blog name. i'm so indecisive.


  1. i love your old blog name ... it just suits it & it's orginal!

    such cuties you have!

    and you'll lose it ... at least you have an excuse. yes you do. you JUST had a baby!

  2. Hi Ashley! Just hopped over from ETST and wanted to say hi. A) Congrats on little Hunter, he is simply adorable. B) I put on 49 pounds with my first one and totally didn't want to. It will come right off, just give yourself time! and C) I can't WAIT to read more on your little boys and I hope you'll stop by to follow back. I rely on advice from more experience blogging friends, especially those with toddler boys! My Drew is just over 2 and is the light of my life. :)