super quick update

we have been busy.
three kids is great, but it really is nonstop.
everyone is doing good.
prioritizing is super important and sadly the blog took a back seat.
hopefully i'll be be back more soon.

here is a quick run down...

hunter is a beast.
the most handsome beast in all the land.
i always wanted a chubby baby.
wish granted <3

next week i will have a 3 year old and a 5 year old.
we are gearing up for tee ball and kindergarten and pre-school and potty training.
birthday partay this weekend.

i fulfilled a life long dream a few weeks ago when my cousin danielle and i traveled to ikea in connecticut. we have been talking about going there for yearsssss. few things in life are everything you hoped they would be. two enthusiastic thumbs up. it was great. trip #2 so soon.
enjoy this spoon picture i bought.

still working on getting the baby weight off.
my goal is to have it all off by my birthday.
in september.
when i turn 30.
i still have like 25 to lose. 

 easter saturday.. i'll own it until i lose it.

1 comment:

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