you guys... it's over.

now what am i going to do on thursday's?
don't even say grey's anatomy.

weight update & a few party pictures

things are kind of stagnant around here.
i have lost 36 lbs. so far.
i haven't exercised yet at all. i have really got to get on that.
i want to be able to wear the same bathing suit on vacation this august that i wore last year on vacation.
soooo i am planning on joining the gym down the street.
what really did it was seeing pictures of my butt and gut at the boys birthday party...

now that those pictures have been revealed (blech) here are a few more from the boys partay.
sometimes it is nice to get all pinteresty with your parties, i do love pinterest. but other times it is nice to have a little party for 3 hours with pizza and homemade cupcakes and little friends running around. this year was the latter.

 pin the eyes on the saxophone...
 oh you never heard of it???
don't mind that diaper changer in the corner.

party pooper.


really being back

making time to do things that i love is going to have to be a priority.
being home all day means that a lot of my days look the same... it can get very repetitive... and so i have decided to add things to my life (as crazy as it is now with three boys) that really make me happy. like blogging. i don't know what it is about blogging that makes me so happy, but it does. so many things have happened these past few weeks that i really wanted to share but told myself i was to busy. but i am going to make time. i will have nothing to look back on these past few months on my blog. and that sucks, but i'm going to start making up for it now. :)
here are some pictures of my favorite little people from the past few weeks....