i'm going to pretend that i haven't taken over a month off of blogging.
time just keeps getting away from me, and for awhile i was thinking of just throwing in the towel.
but i decided against it.
so in between washing dishes, making grilled cheese sandwiches and putting kids to bed i updated my space. added some hunter. our little wooba.

so my plan is to write about the boys. and books. losing weight. makeup. anything.
some posts will be long and picture filled.
some will be quick little whatever posts.

when i was really contemplating quitting i kept thinking there are literally thousands and thousands of blogs about the same things that i write about.... and it is true. but those are all people just trying to remember their story... and that is why i have a blog. so i can remember mine.

so a crazy quick collage of everything i missed:

onward and upward.