down two kids for two days.

it has been just michael, hunter and i the past two days. big brothers have ventured south a few exits to spend time with their porter grandparents and cousins. i am excited to reunite with them later today even if it is with logan in hysterics because he wants nothing to do with coming home. i anticipate the usual 15-20 minute transition period that includes crying all over the couch. to decrease trauma michael and i did what any normal parents do when their oldest children leave them for a few days.... we bought them a pool!! a 2.5 foot deep 16 ft around blow up kind of pool that i am sure is going to be  a smash hit! of course michael and i buying and constructing such a pool was not without the usual stress and drama and cursing as a result of us not reading the directions. When will we ever learn?? that key construction rule that michael and i fail to remember every time we buy something with assembly required. so last night after the pool was filled about a quarter the way full and taking on  a disfigured triangular shape with water spilling over one side, we read the directions and had to start from almost scratch.

so what do you do during two kid free (dare i say glorious) 90 degree days??? well i will tell you....

you catch up! you look around your house and say this and this and this and that need to get fixed. you replace rotting garage wood that has bothered you since you moved in to your house, you put up an american flag!, you weed the sidewalk, feed your plants, you try the new wendy's pretzel burger, buy new sunglasses, you rake and sweep and rake some more.
you go to lowes two days in a row with one baby who can't talk and are actually able to focus on why you are there. you focus so hard, in fact, that you end up leaving with a new john deere tractor.
you have actual conversations with your husband.

the boys love spending time with their gege and poppy. i'm ready for them to come home though. little stinkers.
some pics from their trip to great escape...


eat your heart out diet day 5. the last day. yes the last day.

i wave my white flag of defeat. you win satan diet.
i woke up this morning with a pound gained.
that was all it took for me to decide to make my 7 day diet journey a 5 day diet.
i'm not disappointed that i didn't finish. when i think i lost 3 pounds in 5 days, i am satisfied.
michael had also gained a pound and decided to throw in the towel.
he lost 6 total. which i think is pretty impressive.

figuring out my next plan of attack now.


eat your heart out diet day 4

day 4
tomatoes and fowl.
i knew today was going to be difficult because i don't really like tomatoes. it is 8pm right now and i haven't had one yet. i'm not sure how many i am supposed to eat but man i hate tomato. i am going to try to eat at least one before bed. i am sure they are listed for a reason. blegh.
i made chicken breast this morning like it was dinner time. it was okay, but who really wants to eat JUST CHICKEN for breakfast? i had the large mcdonalds coffee with sugar free syrup and light milk and stopped and got two roaster chickens for michael and i for the day. so i basically have eaten chicken today. i drank much more crystal light then the past two days. i also forgot to mention that i have been chewing sugar free gum throughout the days. i like the dessert flavored ones best.
i weighed myself this morning and am down one more pound.
2 more days to go!


day 2 and 3 and 4

quick update.

day 2
all vegetables.
it was nice because we could actually cook things. fruit is tough because it is what it is. you can't really cook it. on day 2 we had carrot fries, cauliflower stir fry, super chopped vegetables with low sodium soy sauce, cucumbers and spaghetti squash with tomatoes blended with spices. i didn't end up having coffee like i had planned on day 2 because we only had half calf here and in my head i didn't think it was worth it. i had a pretty bad headache throughout the day from no caffeine and i went to bed at like 915.

day 3
fruits and vegetables.
i had coffee at 11am and it was the best thing i ever tasted. i went to mcdonalds and got a hot large cofee with sugar free vanilla syrup and the lightest bit of milk. i seriously felt like a new person. caffeine is to a drug. i don't care what anyone says. i felt like a bag of shit without it. besides that though i had a lot of the same foods as day 1 and 2.

day 4
yogurt and banana day.
i decided a coffee a day is key for me. i had two yogurts today and like 7 bananas. i am absolutely not drinking enough water. is it weird that i hate water? i need to drink more anyway. or at least crystal light. i put a vanilla yogurt in the freezer for awhile and it tasted like soft ice cream. today wasn't a bad day either.

michael and i have been doing this diet for four days now and in typical man fashion he has lost double what i have lost.
before this diet i was eating way to many processed foods. way to much diet soda. way to much fast food. i don't think there is anyway i am going to lose 10 pounds in total, but i feel good. we will see.and a few quick picks of hunter from tonight. he hasnt been on this blog nearly enough.


day one and two.

i have been feeling like i really need a jump start to get some weight off. the summer is so hard. there are things that i want to eat everywhere and saying no is just the worst. when i was trying to lose weight for blake and lo i joined weight watchers, but i just don't feel like it this time around. i pretty much know what i need to do to get the weight off and am really hoping giving myself this 7 day push will help.
so for the next 6 days (i started yesterday) this is the plan:
apparently this diet is all over the place but i hadn't heard of it until my friend heather sent it to me.
yesterday was day one. i had watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, red grapes and then more of those things all over again. i didn't have coffee. today is day 2, vegetable day. i have a headache and feel very tired. i am also having coffee today.
i'll keep you updated.


saturday night and cousins

i love when a plan comes together.
a plan that i paid for dearly sunday morning.

a cousins night out.
a dress that i bought that actually fit and looked good when i tried it on.
babysitters found for all the littles.
a screwdriver bottle opener.
good pictures on the 1st try.
a broken atm.
wack jukebox.
dance machines.
the most random pull over.
car seat ride homes.

there was so much more.
it was so fun.

again soon.
with a few waters in between rieslings.