eat your heart out diet day 4

day 4
tomatoes and fowl.
i knew today was going to be difficult because i don't really like tomatoes. it is 8pm right now and i haven't had one yet. i'm not sure how many i am supposed to eat but man i hate tomato. i am going to try to eat at least one before bed. i am sure they are listed for a reason. blegh.
i made chicken breast this morning like it was dinner time. it was okay, but who really wants to eat JUST CHICKEN for breakfast? i had the large mcdonalds coffee with sugar free syrup and light milk and stopped and got two roaster chickens for michael and i for the day. so i basically have eaten chicken today. i drank much more crystal light then the past two days. i also forgot to mention that i have been chewing sugar free gum throughout the days. i like the dessert flavored ones best.
i weighed myself this morning and am down one more pound.
2 more days to go!

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