1.1.15 - new day

new resolutions for 2015.

1. no facebook for a year. i think it is time to log off for a bit. facebook used to be fun and it's not anymore. so i'm going to try life without it for a full year and see what happens. one reason why i am blogging again. i missed it.

2. unless it is a birthday or a holiday i'm not buying my kids toys. we got into this routine where we would make deals with the boys. you do your homework and keep downstairs clean for a week and you can get a new disney infinity character. you have been good today so you can get a toy. if i get you this spiderman toy then you have to be good for the rest of the week (what?!)

3. lower our debt. get the dave ramsey book, follow it. do the best we can.

4. more water, more eggs, more veggies. less soda, less mcdonalds, less sweet shit. 

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  1. I logged on this morning to write down Everly's birth story & I was happy to see that you are writing again. The boys are adorable, and I enjoy your sense of humor :) Good luck with the resolutions- we tried the money envelope system. I thought it was a pain at first to adjust to (really because it made me much more accountable for my spending) but really helps.