so many things have been going on lately. i am having a really hard time juggling. i keep thinking it's a lack of motivation but that isn't it at all. it is really a lack of focus. i have so many ideas in my head floating around about parenting, work, home, losing weight... but then i get up in the morning to a sink full of dishes and fighting kids that need breakfast and to get ready for school. i see dust balls in one corner and cobwebs in another. i get a list together of everything i need to do for work and then i get a client email and am completely distracted. by 6:00 its over. i am done caring for the day.

 it can't work like that though. kids need breakfast and sinks are going to be full of dishes. clients are going to call me for help when they need it and the day doesn't end at 6:00. there is no point in writing a list of things to do if you know you aren't going to do anything you write down. i have kids and a husband and a home and a job. and i don't want any of those things falling to the wayside. it's a balancing act. i just have to figure it all out.

so that's that.

in other news logan had his first star day. michael went with him and said he did great. we were glad he let michael go with him because he cries and throws himself on the floor every time michael picks him up from school. hershey kisses are always in michael's pocket as a just in case.

pictures :)

before school.

"snack everybody!!!"

show and tell.


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