We had another really nice Christmas. The boys were happy with all their gifts (as they should be since they pretty much have three Christmases!) I told myself I was going to take pictures of every part. Every meal, gift being opened, happy face, and person that walked through our front door would all be well documented so I would have in memory forever!! 
Well.... I did not. I have about 10 shitty pictures from Christmas morning and that's it. I plan on honing up on my picture skills this year (maybe even getting a new lens- I know, so fancy) so next year there will be no excuses!
Anyway here is what I did muster ...

 A pile of presents for everyone!!!!

 "This is the best Christmas ever!!" - Logan Porter before he opened one present

 This is Logan's I like this present... maybe face

worldwide #1 record breaker for earliest kids awake on Christmas shirt-
Before 5 AM. Too much. Way too much.

What a little angel.
He took super long to open all his presents, mainly because he ate a whole gummy saver story book in ten minutes. 
We just let it go. No beasts on the loose Christmas morning.


A quick Christmas card story. 

A sure fire way to lose your mind is to decide you are going to take a picture of your kids sitting perfectly still in front of your perfectly twinkling Christmas tree smiling perfectly for the most perfect Christmas card. I took about 200 pictures before I threw my hands up because I was going to Homer to Bart choke one of them. I, of course, decided that 7 PM on a Saturday night would be the best time to set out on this venture. A glutton for punishment I am. 
I sent them all to bed as soon as the last flash went off. I was sweating like I had just gotten off a treadmill. I was d.o.n.e. I went through all the horrible photos and wanted to die thinking about having to take a second go at the insanity. So in what may be one of my cleverest ideas of all time I took the picture where they were sitting the stillest (read: the least blurry photo) and covered their faces almost completely. 
The result? Probably my favorite Christmas card of these three turkeys yet!

Picmonkey for the win!

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