starting slow- the juggle

yesterday was my second week at the gym. two weeks in and for once i don't feel like quitting. it feels so good to get out and do something for just me a few days a week. i'm still just doing the couch to 5k program so about 30 minutes a day, but for someone who has done NO EXERCISE in seven years it's a good start. everyday i try to run a little faster when the app tells me to run, make the incline a little steeper.

and so now i have added the gym ball to all the others i am constantly trying to juggle. i am not really good at reorganizing my schedule. i get used to things a certain way, that way becomes automatic and when i change it takes me forever to readjust. i was telling michael the other day that i feel like i have a million files open and i just need to shut all but one and focus. then i saw this on pinterest:

i am constantly comparing my life now to what it was before we had hunter. the things i could easily do with a 2 and 4 year old that become exhaustingly frustrating when you add a third baby. like bringing two super wild boys who only care about toy aisles and a teething baby who could probably use a nap to target when you want to look at curtains and christmas decorations (kill me.) 

so i am working on that too. 


logan had another star day last week (a lot of start days when there is a class of only nine kids). he was so cute. he loves his school friends and his teachers. they still sometimes have a hard time understanding what he is saying, but he has made so much progress since school started.  


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