I have to talk about halloween this year.
a ninja, sonic the hedgehog and a bear turned dog headed out with four little girlfriends to do some trick or treating. no one fought, no one cried, no one whined that they wanted to be done, no one said they didn't have enough candy.
after trick or treating we all came back to our house for pizza and wings and angry orchards. we had such a good time.
they are already talking next years costumes...

costume change...

are you ready for this next picture? blake looks SO terrified. he told us before we left the house that he was going to go trick or treating at the clowns house this year. when he saw some of his friends go in for a picture he told us he wanted to too. he walked up supppperrrr slowwww and kept asking "are you nice? are you nice? are you nice?" 


earlier in the day logan had his school parade. it is so nice to see him on his own. he is usually fine with following blake around, doing what he does and copying everything he says. seeing him independent of blake on his own, playing with his own friends is refreshing.

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