On 6 year olds.

Ahhh the 6 year old boy.

Watching Blake grow from baby to big kid has went so fast. I can't believe the things that he is doing by himself these days, the thoughts he has on his own, the jokes he tells, how much he can do for himself.

Back in September, right after school pictures on a day he was looking particularly mangy, I decided I was going to give him a hair cut (because anyone can be a barber -duh). He wasn't really on board, but when I get an idea in my head it stays and festers and it's all I think about and must be taken care of immediately- logic be damned! I believe even at 6 years old Blake knows this, so he begrudgingly obliged. The only rule- No super short hair!!

him: "I want it long on the top, okay mom?" 
me: "Sure bud- Whatever you want".

Approximately 15 seconds into said cut I ruined his hair so bad that the only fix was an immediate buzz cut. This was also the point that I realized much to my chagrin, that no, not everyone can be a barber. I handed him the mirror while simultaneously begging for forgiveness. He reacted in true Blake fashion (and this is the literal word for word conversation we had)

him: (high pitched squeal) "MY HAIR!! MY HAIR!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR?!?!!?!?"
me: "I'm so sorry. Mom will never cut your hair... Do you errrrr like it???

Poor kid.

(post hair cut pictures taken in the backyard)

The good thing about boys is they don't hold grudges and their hair grows back quick. I gave him a cupcake, or a lollipop, or something sugar loaded and he was over it.


Yesterday we went to the store together where he picked out his Valentines, told me stories about the kids in school, asked me 3000 questions, and did math problems the whole way home. 
This morning he told me he wanted a sweatshirt because those are his favorite to wear. He tells jokes that make no sense, loves America's Funniest Home Videos, hates peanut butter, but also likes peanut butter, corrects me twenty times a day, and still wants me to pick out his pajamas. 

I have to say I really love being the mom to this 6 year old Stink. 

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