surviving kindergarten: Day 2

blake got off the bus today and yelled to me "it was great!!" i'm so happy he likes it.


because i loved these shows so much, a quick rundown of my 5 favorites from this summer...

the mindy project
new girl
burn notice
big brother 

the top four i watched like crazy all summer. new girl and the mindy project over and over every single night. i love them. psych and burn notice took over (and are currently taking over) any free weekends. 
but big brother?! how did i never know about this show? i mean i had heard of it before but the drama on that show is through the roof!!!! so good. i mean amanda and elissa were kicked off tonight so i doubt it will be as eventful as it was but you guys.. seriously..i think i am a lifer with this show. kind of obsessed. 

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