thats right. i said it.
here are some things....

the boys are great. they are thriving and getting teeth and losing teeth and fighting and whining and puking all over the place. they are getting up at 5AM and fighting me on naps. they say things like "this is so irritated" when i tell them to clean up the playroom. i am having a hard time reading about bloggers loving their 2AM baby cuddle time because you know what? 2AM is for sleeping.

being a mom is great. i love my kids and being a mom. but it can be draining and people never saying that is really getting on my nerves. wiping butts and fetching cheese sticks and chasing your 3 year old down the driveway in 40 degree weather with a baby with a shitty diaper on your hip and no shoes OR socks on just blows.

and you know what? just writing that makes me feel better.

about that lost tooth...

he got $10.00 for it...
the next morning we made it clear that $10 is the going rate for 1st tooth's only.
it was pretty cute.

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